When you purchase a product created by Coyote Mfg Co, whether it be a Trailer, Leaning Post, T-Top or our other products you are purchasing quality, pride, and great customer service.

Newly Integrated Carriage Head Bolt System:  Does your trailer have this? I can answer that and say it does not, have you seen this  anywhere else? I can answer as well and say no.

Coyote Mfg Co is the leader in revolutionizing the Marine Industry.. We are literally built different than the rest...

As you can see there is a clear difference, the competitors use a 3/16" aluminum I beam and we use a heavier 5/16" I beam, Also you can see the I beam has been extruded to allow for simple seem less wiring harness / brake line cavity that not only hides the wiring harness and brake lines but protects it from the elements.

​Pre-Galvanized Steel

Is there a difference for the Aluminum Trailers?

Absolutely!  We refuse to accept the norm.  Making cheap, bolt together trailers with inferior materials is out of the question for us.  Our all welded frames with top quality materials are manufactured to withstand the long haul.  We use thicker material all the way around, from cross members to I-Beam, stiffening our trailers to support your pride and joy.

Competitors Steel

G-Armour is our name for our pre-galvanized steel that we use to build the frame of every steel trailer that we build. This offers superior rust protection over raw steel.  Sure, other companies offer a galvanized frame coated with paint or powder coat, but at a high cost.  Remember, at Coyote, quality comes standard.

Anyone can say that their Products are "Superior", we have heard this before but for us to show proof of why we are is fairly simple. Look below and you will understand as well.

What is G-Armour?

What makes us different than the rest?