Do you need brakes on your trailer?

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Q: What kind of brakes are on my Coyote Trailer?

A: Surge Brake System, no need for a brake controller in your vehicle.

Q: How can I unlock my braking system if I accidently pulled the emergency safety cable / If I backed my trailer up without the wiring harness connected to my vehicle.

A: There is a lever underneath the Trailer tongue, find the cap on top and look right under the tongue and there is a small lever you push up into the tongue and that will release your calipers to be able to move the trailer.

Q: What kind of grease do I need to use on my hubs?

A: We prefer you to use Lucas Oil Marine Grade grease, but any quality Marine Grade Grease should work fine.

Q: How often do I need to check my trailer for Brake Fluid?

A: Please check this before each trip or every 3 months, this will ensure the trailer has adequate fluid to work the brakes properly.

Q: What kind of brake fluid goes into the trailer?

A: DOT 3, you can find this at any Auto parts store.

Q: Do Coyote Trailers have a Warranty?

A: Yes, all of our trailers come with a 2 Year Warranty.

Q: How often do I need to grease my hubs?

A: You need to grease your hubs at least every 3 months, or before a long haul.

Q: How do I add grease to my hubs?

A: Start by taking the rubber piece that covers the spindle in the center of each wheel, clean it and you will find a grease zerk and add grease to that zerk until the old grease comes out the back of the hub on the opposite side of the wheel. You will need a grease gun for this. 

Q: When towing my trailer it looks like all of the weight is on the front axle, is this correct?

A: No, when towing your trailer you need the trailer to be level, the correct height from the ground to the bottom of the coupler at the front of your trailer should be between, 20" to 22". You will cause irregular tire wear, and possibly damage your trailer or cause the tire to eventually pop / shred causing damage to your trailer or boat.

Q: How often do I need to check my lug nuts?

A: You should check your lug nuts before you leave the dealership with your new boat, and you will need to check them every 50 miles until you reach 200 miles on your trailer. Loose Lug Nuts are NOT covered under warranty, so please be sure to check them. Even after the 200 miles I would make it a habit to check them every time you tow your boat or even monthly.

Q: What do I need to Torque my lug nuts to?

A: Torque Specs on each lug nut is 75lbs. 

Q: What kind of stainless hardware is on my aluminum Coyote trailer?

A: 3/16 Stainless

Q: Do I need to wash my trailer after I use it in Salt Water?

A: YES, even though we use high quality stainless nuts, bolts, washers etc, you need to wash your trailer after each use when you use it in saltwater.

Q: How do I contact warranty?

A: Our phone number is 229-494-9158, you will need to ask for Warranty, if no reply here is the email address for our Warranty Department,

If you have anymore questions please contact us @ 229-494-9158

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This is the correct way to properly hook your trailer safety cable, it will also protect the hull of your boat from being chipped.

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This is "NOT" correct, this will damage the hull of your boat as you can tell from the picture, going down the road like this will cause damage.